What to Expect

What to Expect in a Home Inspection

Home Inspections at High Desert Home Inspections are thorough, not alarming. Helping you make informed decisions, helping protect your investment, and ensuring your home is suitable for a family is our goal. Below is ‘What You Can Expect in a Home Inspection:’

      • Utilities: Water Supply, Water shut off valve, Gas supply, Electrical Supply, Electrical Panel, Sub Panel, Waste water system
      • Exterior:  Driveways, Walkways and Pathways, Exterior Doors, Garage Doors, Windows, Siding, Flashing & Trim, Vents, Decks, Balconies, Porches & Steps, Columns, Vegetation, Grading, Drainage & Retaining Walls, Connected Devices and Fixtures, Outbuildings, Outdoor Cooking, Walls and fencing, Sprinkler System
      • Roofing: Eves and soffits, Roof Drainage Systems, Coverings, Skylights, Chimneys & Roof Penetrations, Flashings
      • Attic:  Attic Insulation, Ventilation, Attic Space
      • Foundation:  Foundation, Floor Structure, Basement & Crawlspaces
      • Heating and Cooling: Heating Equipment, Cooling Equipment, Distribution System, Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts, Vents, Flues & Chimneys, In Floor Heating, Fire Pit
      • Appliances:  Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Vent Hood, Microwave, Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Whole home vacuum
      • Interior Finishes:  Doors, Walls, Windows, Floors, Ceilings, Storage, Countertops & Cabinets, Stairs
      • Plumbing:  Water Heater, Sump Pumps / Sewage Ejectors, Waste lines, Hose bibs, Water softeners, Laundry hookups, Laundry room gas, Plumbing vents, Showers and tubs, Sinks and drains, Toilets
      • Electrical: Connected Devices and Fixtures, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Outlets, Switches, Low voltage
      • Other Items:  Pests, Fire Sprinklers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will the Inspection Take?

Inspection time is dependent on the square footage of the home. For homes under 2,000 sq. ft., a typical inspection can last up to 4 hours. We will provide an accurate estimate to you regarding how long the inspection may take.

What Happens if There Are Problems Found During the Inspection?

As a seller, you are not automatically required to repair uncovered issues.

As a buyer, through your realtor, you can negotiate for repairs to be made before purchasing the home.

What Is Covered Under The Inspection?

Refer to the “What to Expect” section on this page, to view what is covered under your inspection.

Should I Perform the Inspection Myself?

Home inspectors receive extensive training to spot and search uncommon areas that untrained individuals overlook. Therefore, we do not recommend self-inspections.

Additionally, some lenders require a licensed inspector for the home inspection.

How Much Experience Does the Inspector Have?

Jeremy Noland is a United States Marine Corp veteran with several years of home inspection experience and a background of construction knowledge. Learn more.

What Type of Inspection Report is Supplied?

At High Desert Home Inspections, we use the fastest and most advanced home inspection software. View a sample report here.

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