Jeremy Noland at High Desert Home Inspections is my first choice for inspections without any reservation!

As a full time Prescott area realtor I have been very blessed to have a high volume of business. With a large amount of business comes a large amount of fiduciary responsibility to my clients. My buyer’s satisfaction is my number one priority in every deal. I needed an inspector who had the expertise, experience, and character that Jeremy possesses. I had used many different inspectors prior to meeting Jeremy and while they were all competent there were none that met every need that I required to service my clientele. Jeremy calls me or texts me prior to every inspection asking for details and anything special he should look out for. His thoroughness and attention to detail can be relied upon with every assignment. But what I appreciate most and what has kept me coming back deal after deal is his time and attention with our mutual clients and with me during and after each and every inspection.

I was taken back the first time Jeremy ever did a walkthrough of a home he inspected with my clients and I. Most inspectors briefly go over any issues they found and usually just sit in the kitchen which they review and answer questions. Jeremy goes above and beyond in that there are quite often minimal questions to be asked as he has usually covered everything from A to Z on the walkthrough. He informs the buyers and the agent how everything works inside and outside the home. It doesn’t matter whether there is a deficiency or if something is brand new he will cover it all. He meets the client at their level whether they are a first time home buyer and need extreme patience and detail or if the client has purchased many homes and is an experienced contractor. Jeremy always finishes by reviewing everything on the inspection one more time making sure nothing is missed and closes by making himself available to answer any questions that day, during the escrow, and even long after the sale is closed.

The reports his company provides are second to none. Easy to navigate, read, and comprehend making it extra convenient to both my clients and to me. The customer service he provides is refreshing and provides so much peace of mind to our clients. I write this not only as a Realtor who refers Jeremy to all of his clients with this vital job but also as a paying customer. Jeremy is my first call when I am purchasing another investment. He has earned my business and my confidence for years to come. Be sure to consider High Desert Home Inspections for all of your home inspection needs.

Alexander Halenka


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